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FAQ's & Helpful Links

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the city office hours?

The city office will be open:

Monday- Friday  8:15am – 4:45pm

With the exception of the 2nd Wednesday of the month (the day the council meets). This day the office will be closed for a work day.

The city office will be closed for Federal Holidays, weather emergencies and when the office staff takes vacation or sick leave.

Feel free to call up to a week ahead of time to find out about scheduled closures.

When is garbage pick-up?

The City of Badger contracts with Hammer Sanitation for its refuse service.  It is recommended and preferred that you place your garbage in plastic garbage bags, tie them securely and place them in trash cans, preferably with covers.  Place the trash can(s) up by the street/road by 7 a.m. on Thursday mornings.

Hammer Sanitation

Address: 206 N Main St, Badger, MN 56714

Phone: (218) 528-2050

Where can I bring my recyclables?

MAR-kit provides recycling bins for Badger area residents.  The bins are located at the intersection of South Main Street & University Avenue.  Please read the signs and throw only approved recyclable items in the bins.  The City of Badger pays MAR-kit a contamination fee for all items in the bins that are non-recyclable.  DO NOT throw the bags you use to haul your recyclables to the bins.

Do I need a building permit?

In most cases it is best to fill out the building permit application and turn it in to the city office.  City staff will send it to the building official for his determination.

Why did my water bill increase?

High water usage is usually a valve left on or a toilet stool valve leaking or the water softener continues to cycle.  If the water flow is recorded by the meter, the customer is responsible and charged for the water usage.  A stool valve leaking is the most common cause for high water usage.  Be sure to also check any outside spigots that may have been left on or turned on by mistake.

Where do we dispose of hazardous waste materials?

For questions or information concerning hazardous waste disposal call the Roseau County Environmental Office: (218) 463-3750 – Jeff Pelowski, Environmental Officer.

Helpful Links

Local Resources

Badger School

Roseau County

League of Minnesota Cities

Property Taxes, State Funding & Fiscal Issues

Northwest HRA

Badger Area Service Organizations

We are very fortunate to have various service organizations in our community.  We commend the many volunteers who donate their time and talents to many projects and events in the Badger community.

Badger Jaycees

President - Alex Moore

(218) 528-2550

Badger Town & Country Club (T&C)

President - Darrell Warne

(218) 528-3343

Badger Area Community Fund

President - Christine Modahl

(218) 528-3672

Badger-Greenbush Lions Club

President - Joe Burian

(218) 528-3831

Gro-Rite Garden Club

President - Helen Erickson

(218) 528-3583

Housing Realtors

Agassiz Realty | (218) 782-2141

USA Realty | (218) 463-3146

Scott Pahlen Realty | (218) 386-1800

Reed Realty Realty | (218) 463-5000


Summerfield Place | (218) 637-6093

Village Square Apartments

(218) 463-3357 | (218) 463-3345

Badger Creek Apartments

(218) 528-2811

Northland Homes

(218) 528-3251

Stavenes Holdings Rentals

(218) 689-5218