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Economic Development

Homeowner and Business Assistance Programs

The City of Badger and the Badger Economic Development Authority utilize various housing and economic development incentive programs to promote the expansion, relocation, or establishment of affordable housing and businesses into our community. Some of the programs available are:

JOBZ sub-zone

Qualifying business in a JOBZ sub-zone may be able to get state and local property, sales, franchise, and business tax exemptions for a number of years.

Business Revolving Loan Fund

The City of Badger and Badger EDA have low-interest loan money available for new and existing businesses. The loans may be used for: construction, renovation, equipment, as well as other business-related needs. Contact the City Office for more information.

Roseau County Affordable Housing Fund

Prospective homeowners may be eligible for help in buying a home in Badger if that home will be their primary residence.

Badger Area Community Fund

Established in 2006 to provide financial support for charitable, educational, and public purpose activities, projects, or services that enhance or improve the quality of life in the Badger area.

Veteran's Memorial Park Committee

The City of Badger purchased property that formerly belonged to the Badger VFW at the corner of Highway 11 and University Avenue(County Road #2). The City of Badger appointed the following people in 2009 to serve as Veteran’s Memorial Park committee members: Jim Rinde, Dale Hagen, Vernon Roggenbuck, Carol Rundell, Philamay Monsrud, Rick Johnson and Joe Burian. The Vet’s Memorial Park Committee has accepted donations and in-kind work and constructed a beautiful memorial at the site. The Veteran’s Memorial Park fund is under the Badger Area Community Fund – a component of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation, a 501(c) (3) charitable foundation, serving as a regional community foundation. The fund derives its legal status through NMF which owns and manages the assets.